Melbourne, Victoria

St. Pauls and Visitors Centre in Melbourne

Melbourne, Yarra Banks Melbourne contrasts

Melbourne is terrific. It is a big modern city, still preserving it's young history and a friendly, welcoming character. It does not suffer yet from the concrete sins of the 70's and 80's of last century - I'm not even sure they are hidden or not existing at all.
To me, it was most trilling to see big skyscrapers side by side with small, old buildings, intimate restaurants around the corner of glossy shopping malls. I only spent few days in Melbourne, the first ones of this holiday, so I also needed some time to sort things out. So the look around was somewhat limited, but really enjoyable.

Elisabeth street
Houses on Elisabeth street

Modern Melboune houses
houses bit outside the city
city restaurant next the skyscrapers
small restaurant left over from former times
Park in Melbourne Flinders Street Station
Originally, Flinders Street Station was built for some place in India. But then, plans were changed and so it is now the maybe busiest railway station in Melbourne.

Following St. Kilda rd. from Flinders Station, one reaches a nice park and the shrine of remembrance. Yes, it is somewhat depressing on holiday so read how many Australian and NZ soldiers died in so many places so far from Australia - in wars of other people's business. But one should remember these things and - now cheering up the tourist again - one does have a nice view around and back to the city.
Shrine of remembrance
Melbourne City



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