Dear folks,
at the beginning this site was entirely made for the friends I sailed with. But after some time I enjoyed a bit more traffic on the site and made it step by step a bit more popular. And there is also another purpose: In some of the lines you may find a bit of farewell feeling and sadness, because the ship was for sale and meant to be sold in autumn 1999. By then we didn't know it'll take somewhat longer.
Now she is sold and these pictures are pictures of the past. The ship was transformed to the taste and needs of people with a quite different supply of money. The old bunch of friends theoretically still can sail her, but for a price few of us could affort. So the farewell voyage in 2001 was sad and happy same moment, see my pictures there, if you like.

About this site: The pictures under the maroon and blue links are the same, just in a different order. So there's no need to go through all the links only for curiousity.
Enjoy the pictures and if you'd write me a mail after that, I would be really glad.

Cheers, Ina

Eye of the Wind sailing again with the friends?

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