Moken boats


we're an old bunch of friends who met sailing the Eye of the Wind and now sometimes still travels together without the ship. It is a ".net"-Domain, as it only was possible with a network of people, everyone participating in the task so it turned out to be more than the sum of the parts.

I tryed to use modern technology when it provided advantages. So there is chance that people with computers older than some 4 years will not be able to view and to enjoy everything provided. In rare cases the top navigation may not work - if so, please use the bottom navigation of the pages. Begin the visit in Ranong, if you like, and then go on to where ever you like.

Please note: Every now and then you will find links to places in Google Earth. They will work, if you installed Google Earth before on your machine. It's free and can be done on most computers unless they are a bit old or really slow. Clicking the "View this place on Google Earth" links you may get the information you're about to download a *.kmz-file. That's the placemark and absolutely harmless. When shutting down Google Earth, you will get asked whether you want to keep or to delete it. Do what you like, the file is very small and does not harm a thing.


Add-On: Rebuilding a Burmese school after hurricane Nargis

Any income generated by the ads on this page will help to support the school.


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