Moken boats

Sightseeing in Kawthaung

Saying goodbye in Kawthaung
buying fish in Kawthaung
Finally back in the harbour of Kawthaung, we had to say goodbye to some of our crew, as they went home. On the jetty, there also were lots of people waiting for the fishing vessels to buy the fish right away and out of the ice boxes.
Organising ourselves into the the tuktuks
We went for a little sightseeing and shopping tour, the shopping that couldn't be done anywhere in the islands. With 2 tuktuks we went through the town to a memorial of somebody who obviously was really important in Burmese history.
© Liz Castleton
Memorial in Kawthaung
That's the guy - I am sorry I do not remember his name. Obviously he was so important some 600 years ago, that one cannot allow free pictures of him. Well, 20 Baht are not a fortune, but anyway to me it is total rip-off. I went away undetected, so this picture is a stolen one...
Nearby, one finds good arts and crafts shops - the kind that always makes me sad to confirm I don't need a thing in my flat. Also, a bit later again, next to the pagoda, there are two more nice shops with carvings, cloth and a lot of things one may like to bring. So finally we had a chance to spend our money. I am not sure anyone of us ever had Burmese money - without having a look at online sources I wouldn't even know the name of it. So everything was paid in Thai Baht, I am pretty sure US$ would have done, too.

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