Moken boats

The fishermen and their boats

Fisher boat approaching
All the local boats are now driven by engine. According to Aung, the choice is either a Thai-made one which would last some 2 years, or a Chinese one, that would last 3 months. They all have a hell of a racket in common. We have not seen many fishing activities at daytime, but at night the whole horizon was full of their lamps trying to attract the best catch.
© 2 pictures Liz Castleton
Longtail boat under construction

A longtail boat under construction. We admired the shipwrights for their marvellous work and the huge planks cut from the forrest. According to Aung, it takes about 3 weeks to complete the work.
big power boats
The strongest type of local ships we found. They gathered off a freshwater source where we filled our tanks, too.
Additionally, there is the most common "lightship" in the area. At night, the whole horizon is full their lightbulbs attracting squid.
fisherboats in the morning
© Liz Castleton

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