Moken boats
Moken village


Moken houses
When visiting local settlements, one could see some reasonable and some rather sad sights. Some people seem to care about their surroundings, some apparently not. Some areas are clean, some have have rubbish and dirt all over.
The cages one finds everywhere appear to be meant for the chicken, in order to protect them from the always always present dogs. Closer to the shoreline, one finds something that could be for crayfish - or maybe it's fishtraps (© Liz Castleton).

Monk in a Moken village Moken spirits

In a bigger settlement, we found a little monastry with only one monk at the moment. Unlike the official rules, he gave me permission to photograph him and his temple. On the walls, one found pictures of former monks and holy elephants.
To us, it remained unclear how the buddists (or buddhism) get along with the obviously also present animism. Anyway, in this village we found their sacred sites on opposite corners.
sacred site on a beach






Like in Thailand, there are sacred sites in the Mergui islands. This one was photographed on a beach.
© Emma Timbs
boats on the beach
The Moken people used to be sea nomads and still, the men seem to spend their lives fishing. So it is no wonder one finds as many boats as houses - even though most of the fishermen are probably at work.
© picture Liz Castleton

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