Moken boats

Spending the time aboard the ship

Geoff and Sue on deck
Of course, we had a lot of time to relax and simply enjoy ourselves without really doing much. Just what one wants when travelling tropical islands. But indeed, there was much more to enjoy.
Aung and Ted
For example we tried to understand as much of the area, the people and the nature as we could. Of course, we all have a different range of interest. Aung, our guide, is definitely a well-educated and experienced person. But sometimes I think, we gave him a hard time answering all our questions in English...
Local food is always a nice low-scale adventure: This is a dragonfruit. The look is far more sensational than the taste. The taste is alright, but that's it.

Especially the girls took part in the daily works of the ship. So for example, the washing-up for some 25 people is clearly faster and funnier if done by some more hands.
washing up: Emma, Eve, Jessie, Ingrid, our Moses and Aung
the evening scrabble: Kay, Ros, Jo, Trish, Ted (hidden) and Liz Ingrid with her first fish caught
It was nice we had a DVD player onboard. It provided the chance to watch some of the old films, videos and TV documentaries about the Eye, some of the voyages and the island of Tikopia. We saw some old familiar faces on the screen and some others for the first time ever. But we didn't like it every evening. And apart from chatting, the alternative was scrabble sometimes or watching sealife and catching food for the next day.
On the table from left: Kay, Ros, Jo, Trish, Ted (hidden) and Liz. The lady on the right hand side is Ingrid with her first ever caught fish. Want to see a video of her fishing? Click here (4 MB, © Emma Timbs).
in the companionway party
As a group of people from 15 to, well, some more years, it is not surprising the ways of spending the time did differ... Eve and Emma Jessie and Emma
© Emma Timbs

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