Moken boats

Animals and plants found ashore

cat track bird's track
Unlike adventure movies, one does not come across deadly venomous snakes, wild tigers and and flowering orchids after each 50 steps in the jungle. So we did see some wildlife, but most of the times it was only tracks or harmless creatures - as it is normal.
We did read there are tigers and leopards in the islands, but it seems, the leopards are only clouded leopards, nothing dangerous to human beings. We did find a lot of cat's footprints on several beaches and at the beginning I believed they were baby leopards. But there can't be that many babys without their mum. And we did learn there are more, smaller cats in the area, but Aung didn't know their English name. I think, they could be Palm Civets or Fishing cats, but in fact I don't know.
Also, the bird's track is uncertain. The print was fairly large, so not many birds are possible. Chances are, it's been a Great Egret.
We also found footprints of monkeys and sometimes the monkeys themselves. But photographing them was fairly difficult.
Brahminy kite
A bird found all over the area, in the Mergui islands of Myanmar as in Thailand coastal areas, too, but not that many: The Brahminy kite. A nice, unmistakeble bird of the seashore. We saw one nearly each day.
Brahminy kite
Fiddler crab
This crab did not loose it's arm - it's a Fiddler crab. They have one huge claw to attact femals and keep other males off. I couldn't find out - maybe the clicking sound in the marsh was done by them, too.
Mudskipper. These little fish are found pretty much everywhere in the area.


Golden Orb Web Spider






Golden orb web spider. We found them on Wa-ale Kyun and later in Thailand, too. They seem to be very common and belong to the Nephila-group, the spiders with the largest and most stable nets in the world. This one (see top middle) is not yet grown to full size, none of the ones I saw, was. It seemed to be the wrong season in January, but as an arachnophobic, I was not really sad about that. And generally, for spiders terms all spiders in the area looked quite nice and handsome. Well, for spider's terms...


Goat's foot








Goat's foot or beach morning glory near a moken village. Morning glories generally only bloom for few hours in the morning.

Blue berrys of unknown species, found frequently on the island of Wa-ale Kyun.

blue berrys

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