Moken boats

The barbeque

Our cook preparing the barbeque For one of the last nights, a barbeque was announced. It sounds harmless under normal circumstances, but for a normal ship far from civilisation this is a major task. Everything has to be prepared on the ship and then brought through the surf to the beach. It does require professional preparation and we did notice that from the morning on. And the guys did really well.

Seaworld I in the sunset
our crew busy preparing
© Joan Kearsley

On the fire
Evening on the fire. From left: Kay, Ros, Tiger, Geoff, Andy, Liz
Jo Kearsley on fire
food! fire

It was a really nice evening with wonderful atmosphere, good food and soft sands. And ontop of that, we had a free concert with Burmese songs. If you want to enjoy that, too, have patience or broadband.


the band

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