Moken boats


Myanmar military camp
One of our several visits went to a military camp in the islands. This is a former military camp with all it's inhabitants. Well, nearly all. One dog is missing. All together, they take care of the place, after the army guys went off to another island. Every now and then, they get supplies. But these guys were on that little island since 2 years without even a boat. No wonder, they wished they could leave as early as possible. But they did not know when this would be.
One of them did suffer of Malaria some weeks ago. Kay, our ship's doc, had a look at the medication he received. It was of the military kind: not nice to have, but it worked.


Kay Jaumees
me and the hermit crab
When visiting places, I am normally interested to find out about the wildlife around. Often this wildlife tries to escape or doesn't care. Sometimes, they think they have to defend themselves. But this hermit crab was just as curious as I was. It sat relaxed and calmly in it's shell and didn't take it's goggles off me until I let it go again.


One afternoon, we went for a jungle walk on the island of Lampi. As jungle walks often are, it was along the coastline and then in a creek most of the time.

jungle walk on Lampi after the jungle walk

After the jungle walk we were ready for a short rest before entering our boat back to the ship. Some locals offered tea, but the impressive detail was the furniture. As the burmese are a small race and apparently suffer from bad nutrition, for them childrens chairs absolutely do. Only with us, it looks somewhat strange...
From left: Ros, Emma, Andy, Kay, Eve, Ingrid.

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