Moken boats

Ship and crew

Seaworld I
Our ship, the 'Seaworld I', seems to be the largest tourist ship operating in the area. A-one-diving advertise up to 18 people and we were 17. It did work, but we are tolerant and used to limited ships spaces. If people are not, I would recommend not to fill all bunks, so some space is left for the luggage.
With the crew, we were more than happy. It did take all of us a moment to learn of each others ways. They normally have people very focussed in diving or beach holidays. We came together as we liked the ways of our former ship, which was was different in many ways. But once we realized what kind we were, it just went perfect. Sometimes we covered Aung, our English-speaking guide, with questions. He performed very well, but sometimes, we were probably the first people ever asking for a certain information in English. I am sure, if anyone ever wants to know the same again, Aung will be prepared and answer that one perfectly.
Saw with one of his fridges
Something we all enjoyed 4 times per day were the meals. There were some fridges on the ship, but 24 people during 12 days eating like four-headed caterpillars - that is complicated. Saw, our cook, did miracles organizing all of that and making sure it met everyone's taste. From the beginning, the supplies were re-filled by fishermen, local shops and of course our own fishing, that often was Cole's job.
Cole fishing at night

When discussing a booking with the ship, do mention what
you would like to do as exact as possible. For several
activities one needs special permissions, special visa and special gear. A lot can be arranged, if only the ship is aware of it.

Chili and garlic in a suitable amount... fruits and vegetables in a local shop

© 2 pics Liz Castleton

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