Moken boats

Sea life around the ship

Emma Eve

One of our favoured ways of spending the time was of course swimming and snorkelling. The sites were different, some had beautiful coral, some just stones and fish. We found a lot of different fish, Pennant coralfish, Moorish idols, Butterfly fish and many, many others. Only few could be photographed.

Amphiprion akallopisos Amphiprion melanopus Two species of clownfish along with their home anemone. On the left: a couple of Skunk clownfish (Amphiprion akallopisos) living in it's sea anemone. Right: Cinnamon clownfish (Amphiprion melanopus) living in a Bubble-tip anemone. Damselfish

Flock of unknown fish, possibly damselfish, living in the shelter of an Acropora coral.

The sea urchin below was quite common in the area, still none of us had an idea what it's name could be. If anyone has, please let us know!
sea urchin
Eve and Ingrid
© all pictures Emma Timbs

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