Eye of the Wind centenary celebrations under way! Click here!

Now the Eye is sold. So in April 2001 we came together for the very last time to deliver her to Denmark and celebrate the great time we had all these years.
This website was made to show the best pictures I could get of the voyage - not only mine. By now we got pictures of Daniele, Chris R., John, Fred and me. Fred's videos are on the memories page. And there is still hope for supply from Chris W., Chris R. and Frank - one day.

If you ever sailed the Eye, you may be interested in the memories page. It's the place where we collect any memory of sailing her. Find reports there from the 70's to 2003. You're very welcome to add your stuff, too - it would simply be great! Written, taped, on paper, slide or file welcome.

Anyway, enjoy the site. Once I'm online you'll see that by the little icon. Let's have a chat - over long distances it can't be done cheaper.

Cheers, Ina