The new Danish owners
Svend, Gitte, Kare and mixed emotions
Three shy looking people came onboard in Bermuda - the new Danish owners and a shipbuilder. At the beginning we didn't know what to think about each other, but soon we realized that they are really kind people and they saw we wouldn't bite.

At the beginning Gitte said, they wanted a gentle modernisation keeping up her original character. We liked to hear that, but we know, where the character comes from. From things being removed by now. And as we went through the "official" and other talks, they understood more and more about us. Later we didn't hear about the idea anymore, so I guess we made them understand.
Don't get me wrong: I don't know much about the matter, maybe seen from a neutral point of view the posh refit is the best thing to be done. But I am not neutral, I'm selfish. I can't affort a large cabin with private shower. And I'm not sure I would like to travel with people taking this important. On the other hand side they provide the best chance for the ship to sail on for many more years. Gitta and Svend had a glimpse of what she was, they'll maybe try indeed to keep what they can.
They'll sail on with a new ship of 90 years - and without us.