The Taifun wreck off Georgetown The wreck
As normally, in Bermuda the ship went to Georgetown, the former capital. It is a silent place where one doesn't get into the focus of all tourists of the island. And since there is a wreck nearby, we went over to take a look. It lies here since quite a time, slowly rotting, with rust and traps and sharp edges all over. I was a bit afraid to walk around there, but finally the rare opportunity of doing such pictures took me over.

Peter Kaaling, a visitor of this website, told me more about the ship:
"We have been in St Georges several times with T/S 'Gunilla' and looked at the wreck. This year we asked and found out that it actually was a Swedish barque named 'Taifun'. She was built in Greenock 1894, named 'Ancon' and was sailing for McDonald, Adams & Co. 1910 she was sold to Norway, but kept her name. 1916 she was resold in Norway and changed name to 'Nordstjerne'. 1919 she was sold to Sweden and named 'Taifun'. The 7th of october 1920 she left Alborg with a clay cargo for Boston. On the way over the Atlantic she had bad weather and lost some of the rigging, seeking emergency harbour in Bermudas. The 7th of December she was towed into St George's which you can see on the picture (kindly given to med by RS MacCallan, St George's). In February 1921 a American Steamer 'Coahoma City' dragged anchor and collided with 'Taifun', destroying her so much as she was condemmed as total loss, and there she still is."