Pitcairn - videos of our stay

Coming alongside: Our ship arrived off Pitcairn after strong winds. See the Pitcairners going alongside and coming onboard during high swell (0:45 min, 7.9 MB).


The wet ride: After providing some extra storage for the supplies from the cargo vessel we unloaded them again into the longboat and then sat down ontop the cargo and went to Bounty Bay. When approaching we were soaking wet from all the waves coming over. But we still had to wait for the right moment to enter the safe harbour (2:38 min, 27.5 MB).


Unloading: Bountry Bay while unloading the longboat. The water in the harbour is white and the waves go over the breakwater. Pitcairners organising. The boat tearing it's ropes until sliped into the shed (3:53 min, 40.6 MB).


Official Dinner: The Pitcairners and us during a public dinner. Also, the Pitcairn governor from New Zealand (2:16 min, 23.6 MB).


A Pitcairn pet: A young frigate bird, as kept by some familys (0:09 min, 1.7 MB).


At the Radiostation: Michael doing weather observations. An interview about general contacts and our arrival (2:59 min, 31.2 MB).


Mothers Day: Another public feast on Mother's Day in the town hall (1:04 min, 11.1 MB).


Hunting breadfruits: What do Pitcairners need a gun for? (1:00 min, 10.5 MB).


Shopping: There are about 3 supply ships per year. How do Pitcairn house wifes organize their shopping (1:10 min, 12.3 MB)?


Saying Goodbye: Goodbye in the harbour. Interview with Warren Christian (2:45 min, 28.7 MB).


Farewell Song: The farewell song from boat to ship. The cheers from ship to boat (2:17 min, 23.9 MB).



All videos filmed by Daniele Ravenna.

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