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Daphne Warren

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On a journey from Panama with a little squarerigger named "Eye of the Wind" I visited the South Seas in 1997. All islands we saw in the course of 3 months have their own, strong character which makes them unique.
One could make a picture book about each of them and maybe one day I'll do so. But on a very small spot of the globe legends, truth and fairy tales, desire and reality are melted into one: on Pitcairn, the island of the Bounty mutineers.
Surrounded by three other, uninhabitable islands it is located in the remote and vast expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Currently it has 36 inhabitants, many whom have expereineced life in big cities. The decided to return to their island by all available means where there is no airfield nor a real harbour.
Normally only those who take a strong interest in the place will be able to muster the energy and stamina for an visit. But sometimes people simply are lucky to get the by chance - like me. Just to dream of it and also as souvenir for my travel mates from 3 continents I made this screensaver for Win9x and NT. It contains about 30 pictures of Pitcairn and the surrounding islands Henderson and Oeno.
Whoever likes, may download it for free, but I'd be happy about a little mail.

New! Videos available for download (quick internet access strongly recommended!).

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