Camera equipement and picture treatment

Normally I travel with 2 cameras loaded with slide films of ISO 100 and 400. Both cameras are Nikon 601 with cheap Sigma zooms.

This time I bought one of the famous Tamron LD II, 3,8-5,6/28-200 NAFD zooms and I love it. It's easy to carry, easy to handle, not too expensive and makes great pictures. One only has to obey the sun getting easy into the lens and the expensive filters for the 72mm Ø.

After processing the selected ones get a high-class scan on Kodak-Photo-CD. But never to forget: A scan of any class is no finished product, it's like a negative in the dark room. One has to learn about electronic filtering, sharpness, resolution and other things, otherwise it won't work satisfying. Improving a bad picture can be surprisingly easy - just as spoiling a great picture without the finish. I use Corel Photo Paint, but I think also a cheaper one would do.

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