Travel preparation and organisation

I'm a strong believer in individual travel. So I asked the Tobago Bureau of Tourism in Germany for addresses and received a heep of information. I learned that all the big tour operators only have one hotel under contract - normally "All inclusive". But I did not want to live in a tourist ghetto. So I contacted a pretty small company named Carib Consult offering about 15 or 20 different hotels of the small size I like. They were friendly, honest about the facts and I could book via Telephone. So should I go to the Caribbean again, I'll go to Carib Consult again.

What they could not do, was to organize me a flight from my hometown, but could easyly be done by Travel Overland. They answer their e-mails quickly, but as everywhere else there seems to be room for really skilled and less skilled people. So don't give up when getting bad news, just try again.

In fact one can book many hotels in the internet, for example beginning from a page like But Tobago hotels are busy, it's good to have someone to ask for alternatives.

I read a book before, it was good and I felt well prepared. It sang the song of the poor people out of Europe. But when I came to Tobago, the impression was very different. They don't burst of money as Bermuda does, but nobody has to feel sorry for them, not at all. The book is German, to be found under, but believe in the facts, not in opinions.
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