Travelling by bus

The first question shouldn't need an answer anymore: Yes, it was great.

The second question being "Would you do another bus tour?" is rather difficult to answer. In fact I don't know. One thing is for sure: There would have been no way of seeing all of this same time if travelling on my own. On the other hand site there was seldom really enough time to see what I wanted to see, to feel the atmosphere and to let the memory settle down. So at the end of 4 weeks I was really looking forward to go home. Not, because anything was bad with the journey, only to have a break and keep what I had already.

Australia is a big country and the Middle European idea of public transport doesn't seem to exist - it wouldn't make much sense anyway. Have a car - sometimes better an airplane - or die. I'm not really a gifted or experienced car driver and I would have to head for long and empty roads. Doing that under given conditions wasn't adventurous, it only was stupid. And I like to live alone, but travelling alone is certainly the second best fun. So if I want to return for a rather individual way of travel I'd have to find the right travel mate first. Reckon a travel booking was easier.

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by IKO