The long road(s) throughout Australia

My first Australia holiday 2002 began in Tasmania and then went on as coach tour from Sydney along the East coast up to Port Douglas. Then we flew to the centre, visiting Ayers Rock and the McDonnell Ranges. Again by coach, we went northwards along the Stuart highway to the Top End, visiting Kakadu National Park and finishing in Darwin.

That was nice, but when returning in 2011, I knew I would do it a different way. Slower, closer to nature, countryside and the people, too. It therefore did not cover the same huge range: It began in Melbourne, then to the Great Ocean Walk and Wilsons Prom in Victoria before a jump over to Tasmania travelling all around with a camper van.

First of all interested in nature and environment, I mainly photgraphed the living things along the road, animals, plants and of course, humans, too ;). On several sites the informations about them are not really plenty, but you are more than welcome to help me to improve the site. Remember: I'm an interested tourist, not a scientist.

Anyway: Enjoy the site!




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