Blinder? Maybe one can't understand this picture immediately, but I'll try to explain.

Only the foreground is of interest, the mast in the background belongs to a different ship. One has to remember, that the ancient ships had a higher aft castell, working like a very stiff sail. To prevent problems on the helm, it had to be compensated by another sail under the steep jibboom. One can see the yard with the course and the footrope on the picture. But now the lookout couldn't see anything ahead anymore, so the German word for the sail is "Blinder" (if you can tell me the English word you're very welcome!). So that time the lookout had to be done from the mast, but I couldn't find a real place for that on this ship. But obviously the job is now supposed to be done from the jibboom and this is the first time ever I've seen this in real life.

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