"Sail & Steam 2000" in Wilhelmshaven

At the beginnig of September 2000 the city of Wilhelmshaven hosted the festival of Sail & Steam, a meeting for tall ships and movable steam engines of any kind. I am not an expert in the latter ones, but I had a lot of fun with them, because they take the world that absolutely serious way ...
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The brig "Frederyk Chopin" The barque "Towarischtsch" Town ensign on the "Ubena von Bremen" The four masted barques "Sedov" and "Kruzenshtern" towing Tall ships on the quaiside
Stern and aft castell of the Russian "Shtandard" A rare one: the " blinder" "Shtandard" powering main mast of the "Shtandard" "Shtandard" and "Ubena von Bremen"
me, leaving a museum submarine colourful buoys and the research vessel The steam boat "Sapphire" On the mini-steamer steam trailer
  The towed church ship Hotel Delfin Kogge in Bremen  
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