A bit of a sentimental moment: Again I saw the polish brig I took a closer look at last year. Chances are, I cannot sail the "Eye" again, so I wanted to check some other opportunities.
As far as one can judge after one day, the whole ship is made in the spirit of excessive ergonomy. The different types of lines show different colours, the way aloft is the easiest ever and the place on the helm is possibly he most comfortable a watchkeeper can get. The helmsman stands on a kind of crescent, so even when saling on a tack he or she can remain absolutely relaxt on both legs. One gets wind shelter without loosing free sight across the deck, the compass is a non-magnetic one and easyly observable and finally the rudder is operated by hydraulic gear. But especially the latter one went over the top - I love to feel the power of the sea in my arms when helming a ship. I get upset if I can't get this impression and keep my money for different purposes. But if that doesn't bother one (maybe due to not knowing it) this ship is certainly a nice modern one very worth to give it a try.

The brig "Frederyk Chopin"

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