Ubena is a well-known word for most of the Germans, even though they may not remember immediately where they read it now and then. In the supermarket it is, on spice bags and cans. But the name of the only few years old Kogge is not a case of arrogance. Vessels of exactly this kind were used by the wealthy, noble spice traders. And who knows, maybe indeed the ancestors of the sponsor ordered the original ship 650 years ago. It was found when working on harbour facilities, conservated for years and rebuilt at least two times. One time as original as possible, but not able to pass modern surveys. The other one with auxilary diesel engine and everything else for classification - the "Ubena von Bremen". And another little detail isn't original either: The ensign of Bremerhaven, a town built 500 years after people stopped building this type of ships...

town ensigns on the Kogge "Ubena von Bremen"

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