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Tree Tops River Huts entrance

Going to Khao Sok

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The idea to go to Khao Sok was developed underway, when cruising the Mergui islands. Of course, it did not come from outer space, some information was gathered before. But in fact, the whole National Park travel is run by agencys and if one wants to go there self-organized, it is not too easy, as not much information is provided. It took us several phone calls from Ranong to find accomodation for the now 17 people we were. Obviously, the easiest way to do it is via the National Park authority. Also, we hired 2 or 3 buses taking us from doorstep to doorstep as this was easier than finding one of the public busses running between Khao Sok and several other places.
The park is famous for it's fairly unspoilt nature stocking on the mountains. Unspoilt is for Southeast Asia terms, where a lot of people live and economy rises. We did see some good, some less good and some good-looking places within the few days we spent there.

Khao Sok National Park Office
Khao Sok National Park

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