Moken boats

Sailing to Koh Lanta

In Google Earth: Start in Railay Beach
Passing Chicken Island
Chicken Island

We started from Railay beach without breakfast and passed a breathtaking scenery on the way to a morning snorkel site. It is exactly what one sees on postcards from Krabi: a number of funny shaped karst rocks sticking out of the water, some with beaches, most of them without. But most likely, with a number of good dive and snorkel sites. For it's "head", one of them is called Chicken island (see Chicken island in Google Earth).

© 2 pictures Jo Kearsley

Four rocks snorkel site

The one we were heading for, was pretty far out and called "Four rocks" (Four rocks in Google Earth). We jumped into the water and found a reasonable place with very tame fish and some current. It was alright, but nothing sensational. We were the first boat arriving, but when we came out of the water, we realized why it had to be done before breakfast: boats of all sizes came rushing from all directions, spitting out divers and snorkelers. Soon, there must have been 100 people in the water. Some of the boats arriving did not switch their engines off, the drove in high speed where one would have to expect people in the water. So we were glad not to need to care for our life and health, had our breakfast and headed off for our next destination, the island of Koh Lanta.

Juen, Tiger, Tony, Geoff and Jo
Kay and Andy Jaumees

More and more, we did not only enjoy the sun, the scenery and the movements of the ship. Also, we had to catch up with the sleep that for some of us was hard to get at night. And anyway it's comfy, too.

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