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Tree Tops River Huts house

Tree tops river huts

We were 17 people, so it was lucky we could book one day in advance. Still, we couldn't all stay in the same place, we had to split. Some of us stayed in the Tree Tops River Huts. This is possibly one of the elder accomodations here, definitely one of the most basic ones. The house Liz and I stayed in looks quite nice from outside and not bad by the only picure I made inside. But in fact one doesn't need to be prepared only for mice and ants in the bathroom, also for dirty sheets and walls that never have been done nicely. On the other hand side: we payed 5 Euro per night and person - even in Thailand one should not expect too much for that.

our room in Tree Tops River Huts





There is a restaurant in our hotel and we took the first meals there. They were alright, even though the orders sometimes tend to get forgotten... But then we visited the guys who stayed in the Morning Mist resort. From then, we preferred a longer walk in the morning... .

House in Tree Tops River Huts
        © Jo Kearsley

Cryptocoryne petchii

Behind the huts I found a plant that was rather impressive to me, even though it does not really look sensational: Cryptocoryne petchii, a plant that only has a scientific name. I kept that plant over some 10 or 15 years as a serious aquarist in East Germany, never ever guessing I ever would find it in the wild. Now it grew in large groups with some flowers in a creek right behind the house. It was an unexpected and touching encounter.

Also in that creek and some water tanks lives a bunch of frogs. I haven't seen one at daylight, but they did a nice concert at nighttime. Click here for the concert (75 KB)!

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