Moken boats
Phang Nga postcard view

Excursion to Phang Nga

Alone in my hotel, I wanted to do at least something and after checking the tour programmes, I decided it would be Phang Nga, a kind of extended version of that "grown men cry" experience: through the rock to the beach.

So in the morning, the tour operator picked me up from the hotel and then drove me to the jetty. When everyone was there, the ship left and headed for a sea that was green and kept looking like freshwater. It's all the mud from the hundreds of smaller and bigger creeks and rivers coming down to Phang Nga bay. See Phang Nga in Google Earth!

sea canoes waiting for their passengers to jump in

One visits the hidden lagoons (hongs) on seagoing canoes, sitting upright in low tide, sometimes lying flat down on high tide. It's two passengers and one driver per canoe, so I sat onfront and visited the hongs streched out on the legs of Mr. Olson from Sweden. We also met some poor people who thought they were rich and and should have a speedboat on their own to visit the place: They have seen about a third or less of what is possible with a canoe. And I am not sure to self-drive the canoe was better fun, as even the professional moken lads did have problems and I needed to help using my sandals as fenders.
Alright, lay down and enter the cave!

entering a hong in Phang Nga
The exit

Passing the rock was really impressive and sometimes, the driver could not have used the paddle at all - the cave was just as wide as the canoe. I had my waterproof torch with me and so could check around for edges jutting out.

The lagoons were flooded at hight tide, but the water was shallow. So sometimes, people left the canoe to walk around for a picture. But generally, they all remained quiet, as this was the only way not to spoil the spirit when having some 20 boats and 60 people around. So the single cry of a bird or a butterfly passing by made people's heads turn around.

boats inside a hong Karst wall inside a hong Mangroove tree in a hong
Stalactites on the seaside of an island

We visited the hongs of 3 islands, some of them fairly large and winding. But even outside, on the seaside of the islands, impressive structures can be seen. These stalactites certainly were 3 metres long, maybe more.

Inbetween, we also had a meal onboard, plenty and delicious as always in Thailand. There were some possiblilies for swim underway and a beach stop in the afternoon, so the day was filled with experience and recreation as well.

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