Moken boats

Going to Koh Phi Phi

Claire and Andy on the beach Bow, Bird and Ina setting sails

From Koh Lanta, we first went to a little island for a snorkel and beach break. Then, we went on to the "grown men cry" cave Tham Morakhot and from there, on to Koh Phi Phi.

© left Jo Kearsley,
right Sue Reid

Juen, Sue, Andy, Tony, Kay, Ina and Tiger Juen and Ina
left: Juen, Sue, Andy, Tony, Kay, Ina and Tiger (© Sue Reid), right: Juen and Ina (© Claire Ritchie)
Koh Phi Phi from a distance
main street of Koh Phi Phi

Koh Phi Phi suffered of two major impacts during the last couple of years: The first one being the De Caprio movie "The beach", that created a touristic gold rush. Everybody wants to get there. Then, the 2004 Tsunami went trough and due to the shape of the island it came from both sides. So this became one of the worst hit places. Still, some people say the island was destroyed before and did not need water damage anymore...

Anyway, it is a good place for shopping, telephone calls, night clubs and all these little things one may need sometimes. If you want to enjoy unspoilt tropical nature, go somewhere else.

Koh Phi Phi in Google Earth
Longtail boats on Koh Phi Phi beach

A funny sight on the beach: All the boats being busy at daytime were back already. But as the water is shallow, they move with every little wave coming in. All together, they dance back and forth, time after time.

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