Moken boats
Sue, Juen, Jo and Geoff

Koh Raya

From Koh Phi Phi we did a supposed to be last turn to the rocky island of Koh Raya, also called Koh Racha.

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We had a good sail getting there, but definitely had more and more problems to catch up with the sleep that is hard to get not only for the lack of bunks, also for the noise from land and even more the strong winds at night making it difficult to sleep on deck. I, personally, could not understand how the deck's sleepers found sleep at all.
Rocky coast line of Ko Raya

Colourful, rocky coastline of Ko Racha

going ashore

We went ashore by inflatable, but in fact, there isn't much to see. When arriving, one first meets a signpost telling the visitors the area was for hotel guests, only. But one can do a little footwalk and have a drink there as long as the crowds are somewhere else.

evening scrabble

It could have been another nice scrabble evening, but it turned to be different. Shortly after this nice, calm moment, we realized the mooring line was off and we were drifting. Then, we dropped anchor and dragged it, too. In all the hustle, a fuse blew, too and the men had a tough time fixing it.

crowd of dive ships in Ko Racha Bay Fish
Next morning, we realized why it was a good idea to do some snorkel in the afternoon. From all around, dive boats and ships came rushing in, releasing masses of divers into the water. Which was astonishing, as we couldn't find anything special there. It was a normal site, so it's probably for training dives. Anyway, it was such an incredible noise in the water, that we remembered the way some people drive there - with their props through the swimmers - and rushed out. It's better to finish the holiday without surgery.

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