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Naithonburi Resort

Naithonburi Resort

After some criss-crossing the island of Phuket, I wanted to keep that limited for the rest of the holiday and remain close to the airport. The hotel I had before wasn't bad, but for the complete picture I wanted the "normal" hotel thing, too.

It turned out to be perfect: a tasteful, modern environment with any service one may want. Everything was nice and smoothly arranged to please the eye and the customer. I haven't had a big look around, but it was nice and calm on the beach, a little shop outside the hotel, nothing of the shouting tourism some kilometers down south.

Musicians playing in the lobby
In the evening, two ladies played Thai music in the lobby. They were friendly enough to allow me some records:

Apart from that, when the human musicians were home again, at the backyard of the hotel one could enjoy a different concert (0,1 MB), too.

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Pool of the Naithonburi Resort




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