Moken boats
Patong from safe distance breakfast off Patong


It was surprising for us, that onboard the Seraph on does not pay for nights, one pays for days. And as the trip began a couple of days before around lunchtime, it also ended around lunchtime. So in the last afternoon, we made a turn northwards to arrive in the evening off Patong and give Claire a chance to get her plane next morning when we would still be aboard.

Our anchorage off Patong in Google Earth Ina

Our intensions to visit Patong in the evening were different, but finally we all stayed on the ship and rather spend the evening chatting. At night the strong winds increased, rattled the tarpaulins and made the ship tearing the anchor. In the morning we had to seek shelter to have breakfast - still couldn't place anything on elevated spots. When heading back to Ao Chalong, breakers kept coming over and we needed to fix ourselves when and where ever possible.

When arriving in Ao Chalong around lunch time, we were fairly dry again had a last meal and then went back to the lighthouse restaurant to say goodbye and split, until some met again a week later at the Wooden Boat in Hobart.

© 1 pic Claire Ritchie

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