Moken boats
Koh Mook shoreline rocks

Tham Morakhot -
the "place to make grown men cry"

From Phuket on, this was the running gag of the journey. When Tony told us where we would go to, he dared to say he had seen grown men crying when seeing this place. From this moment on, we kept preparing for that. How much Kleenex we would need or - alternatively - how many onions it would take to make the prediction come true...
Anyway after spending the night on anchor off Koh Mook, we went off in the morning without any abnormal amount of Kleenex in store. Tham Morakhot is a hidden lagoon on the west coast of the island, the entrance being marked with a rope.

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Entering the cave

One enters the cave with some nice light effects on the ground and the rocks around. But the really remarkable and extraordinary thing was the sound. Maybe for some funny interferences of wind and waves the 80 metres through the rock made a noise we haven't heard before. It seemed to be all around and kept changing somewhat. It met exactly the idea of a monster's voice. Things like this can easily give birth to legends and fears of all kinds. We decided to be brave, watched our heads in the cave and kept going.
When entering the crater, the sight is really impressive. Steep walls, lush vegetation and a little sandy beach. One indeed feels like on the bottom of a volcano crater, but in fact, this is only another part of the same ancient coral reef we already visited in Khao Sok. It is good to see that most of the visitors respect the special spirit of the place and keep pretty silent. Still, each single more visitor spoils the moment a bit more. But well - we were some of the "more visitors", too, so we could hardly complain...

Tham Morakhot Tham Morakhot
© Sue Reid

leaving the boat in Tham Morakhot © Sue Reid

swimming the cave

Of course, we took the chance to go swimming in the cave. After a while the eyes get used to the darkness, but anyway it's fun to bring a waterproof torch and camera. Also, it may be recommended to keep shoes on, as they are useful to protect you on the rocky ground.

After all, Tham Morakhot is definitely a place to see. Anyway, if you don't go to Phang Nga National Park. Some of us regard it as the most beautiful place we've seen this time. But we did not break down crying. We have seen some nice places before and do hope, this won't be the last one ever.

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