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The lake is one of the big sights of Khao Sok National Park - and it's big disaster, too. It is not a natural lake, it was man-made around 1980 to satisfy the electricity needs of Thailand's rising economy. It's been done in a very scenic and ecologically precious environment that already was a National Park. Now it is the probably most visited part of the park and we wanted to take a look, too.

longtail boat
A tour was announced for the whole day. Beginning from the village, we would travel by pick up to the lake, cross the lake by longtail boat and the visit a cave with bats and spiders. A torch was recommended.
Indeed, the drive was a long and scenic one. Then, on arrival on the pier, one needed to show or to pay the National Park entrance fee and then off we went across the lake.

Karst rock formations on Cheow Lan lake





Karst rock formations on Cheow Lan lake

Indeed, the lake is a stunning sight. It's surrounded by Karst formations, remains of an ancient coral reef that was much bigger than the Great Barrier is today. It is a good idea to promote it as the Guilin of Thailand.

Still, when having a look at the rocks and hills sticking out of the lake, one does not need to know normal lakeside vegetation in this part of the world. It is obvious, that this is none. It is only the waterline cutting a not adapted environment. Even more, in some areas there are still trees sticking their dead branches out of the water, reminding to all the natural life that was drowned, to all the habitats that are lost and endemic species, which now are lost for ever.

© above picture: Trish Holdway

Anyway, after a while we arrived at the raft houses. This type is used on many places of the lake, mainly for tourism. The ones we visited were in pretty different condition. All built for up to 4 people, they were open to water and land side. Some looked pretty good, some others rather adventurous. On weekends, they are all booked out by Thai people, the guide said.
raft houses on Cheow Lan lake

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