Moken boats
Seraph bow pointing the sea
Juen, Tony and Kay



First we powered, later, in the open water, we set sails. We passed a number of rocks and islands. Some of them were really, really small - only a bucketfull of sand in the sea. Still, they can be 100% touristic. They have such a lot of sun beds and sunshades, shops and boats that is must be awfully crowded when all of them are occupied. People get there from all around by power boats and I do hope these islands are not advertised as "Robinson for one day" - he did not have 800 Fridays! Anyway, after not having been too close to the boiling points of tourism yet, we had a first idea.

When the evening came, we dropped anchor in a bay off Koh Yao Yai. There was not much civilization around and we even saw some monkeys on the beach before the evening came down.

Starting off - first day and evening

(Starting place and night anchorage in Google Earth)

With some delay we left off Ao Chalong towards the Thailand mainland.

Claire and Tiger

Seraph main mast
touristic cay near Phuket
Touristic islet near Phuket, © Jo Kearsley
Monkeys on the beach of Koh Yao Yai
Monkeys on the beach of Koh Yao Yai
sunset over Phuket
Sunset over Phuket

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