Moken boats

Morning Mist resort

The Morning Mist was quite a difference: Absolutely everything was carefully arranged so it would please the visitors. One was tempted to order drink by drink, only to enjoy all the different decorations. From the terrace, one can enjoy one of the views Khao Sok is famous for, in the garden all the flowers are labelled so anyone interested can learn about them. Believe it or not: even the toilets were a sight.
So there is no wonder we rather took a bit of a walk and some more money, but did enjoy the beautiful environment and of course, our re-gained company, too.

The Morning Mist resort had a website before, but at the moment, bookings can only be made via the National Park Authority or by phone: Tel no 09-9718794, -027-490417, 07-8856185, fax 077-395009.

In the Morning Mist resort
In the Morning Mist resort
public toilet...

Trish and the view from the restaurant In Morning Mist resort, Khao Sok
Jessie, Ingrid, Eve and Emma
© 4 pics: Emma Timbs, 2 pics: Liz Castleton, 1 pic: Jo Kearsley

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