Moken boats
Schooner Seraph - Foremast

2nd day aboard

(In Google Earth: Start point and Evening.)

We started from Koh Yao Yai and then had breakfast with view to a little island. We then went sailing with some nice sights around. So for example we tryed to identify seabirds and decided they were female Fregate birds.

Ina and Jo observing Fregate birds
   © Claire Ritchie
Kay, Claire, Jo and Tiger

Jo with Claire on the helm, Kay and Tiger chatting

Ina and Star Clipper Star Clipper sailing
Ina on the helm, the Star Clipper passing in the background. © Claire Ritchie


After a short stopover in Krabi, where I get back my luggage that was mislead by misunderstanding, we went on to Raylay Beach, a little but busy place with a restaurant and some bars. The restaurant and beach were good, but it is a less good idea to trying to have a silent night on anchor right opposite some night clubs. The water carries the sound perfectly across larger distances...
in Raylay beach

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